Monday, June 4, 2012

Art from Colombia's Regions

Views of a gasoline smuggler's (pimpinero's) shack, near the Venezuelan border. Along the border a huge industry has developed  smuggling Venezuela's almost-free Venezuelan gasoline into Colombia for sale. (By Julio Armando Ortiz.)

Notice the gasoline jugs leaning against the shack, and the bicycle, often used to sneak gasoline across the border. 
The Luis Angel Arango Library (BLAA) is also a museum, and right now has an exhibition with art from Colombia's regions. The most interesting of the art, for me, is that which really says something about the region is comes from.

An interpretation of The Last Supper from Colombia's Pacific Coast.  (By Yeison Riascos Mosquera)
Part of a graphic series of images of midwives from the Chocó region at work. (By Salvatore Laudicina Ramirez) 

A traditional midwife's kit. 
Listening to the unborn's heartbeat. 

'Saving the Child' (By Carlos Egidio Moreno)

Shrunken heads (not real ones) representing victims of the 'false positives' scandal. (By Oscar Ivan Roque)

Existentialist-appearing works by self-taught artist Yorleny Cardozo Peña of Pitalito.

A museum visitor looks like she's in the birdcage. 

'The madness of failure.' By William Echeverry Gómez.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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mauricio forero l said...

I see a lot of potential in some of these works. The Luis Angel Arango is doing a good job.

Mauricio Forero.