Friday, January 25, 2013

El Pasaje Hernandez

The pasaje's southern entrance. 

The pasaje's elegant, if neglected, interior. 

One of the most traditional, if a bit crestfallen, spots in central Bogotá has to be the Pasaje Hernandez, between calles 12 and 12 and carreras 9 and 10. With little shops, all of them small businesses offering age-old goods and services like dresses and printing (as well as some Internet and cell phone credit), in Pasaje Hernandez you won't find the glitz, variety and hecticness of Unilago. But you'll have a calmer shopping experience and might go home with something you'll actually use.

Neighbors pass the afternoon in a small cafe. 

A window full of women's wear.

A printer at work. 

This small fish restaurant seems to be a hang-out for Afro-Colombians.
A fruit seller by the south entrance. 

A neighboring building has seen better days, and years. 
A fish seller by the pasaje's north entrance. 

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


mauricio forero l said...

Miguel my bro, what a cool post. I remember this building, i just to go there with my grandfather...Such amazing memories. i wonder how old is this building, any way, good post and awesome shots again.


Miguel Garcia said...

The Fish Restaurant was used as the exterior shot for Bar Yamila which was supposed to be in Melilla, Spain from the famous novela La Reigna del Sur.