Saturday, May 4, 2013

Woodstock on Plaza Bolivar

This afternoon, after a marihuana legalization march arrived in Plaza Bolivar and the music started up, the seat of government transformed itself into a new tolerance zone for a few hours. Partyers pulled out the bongs, bags of grass and inhaled openly. 

Colombia's drug laws seem to be unclear. A few years ago, the legislature ended the right to carry small amounts of various drugs, called the 'personal dosis', for personal consumption. But recent court decisions seem to have rescucitated the right, creating a legal vague area. 

Whatever the law, tho, drugs are common here, particularly pot amongst college kids. What's the point of prohibition?

Tie-dyes, music and even grass made me think of a past event in a very different place. 
'Marihuana cures.'

This guy had a bong made from an apple. I also saw a pineapple bong. 

What's that they've got? Today, the authorities allowed the seat of government to become a tolerance zone. 

These guys, on their way to the march, want pot growing legalized.

Making bubbles looks like worshipping.

'No to Hypocrisy.' (But what kind.)
The anti-riot police on the Supreme Court building had little to worry about from the stoned crowd.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


mauricio forero l said...

Again, how come I am the only one telling this guy that he can not insult people like he does, using words like "scum, miserable," and "pathetic", when he is referring to people in my country. As the owner of this blog and an American living in my hometown and knowing that people in my country are not should have a say. You are way too passive.

Ironically, Stuart, who compares my people with Nazis, is himself using such toxic words of hate. And still, you have NOTHING to say of the matter?

Do not be so neutral, especially with this guy. He loves humiliating people.

Stuart Oswald said...

It was trialled in Brixton an inner city London borough to much hope of the local Marijuana (weed) users. It failed terribly.

Local residents (good people), complained terribly of a massive increase on crime, open dealing in the streets, their children being openly exposed to Marijuana. Inevitably after trying this experiment on innocent people, consumption increased. Marijuana is openly being described as a gateway drug. This is backed up with hard evidence of harder drug use being up through all parts of the borough and those surrounding it. A generation of innocent people lost to this debilitation social disease.

I would never advocate this now to be inflicted upon good people in Colombia. The tied has finally started to turn on it's violent past, all perhaps a waste as the innocent people now get hit with a new cancer.

These people should perhaps spend their time, energy and life on something productive for their fellow countrymen rather than wasting all they have away high.