Saturday, August 24, 2013

Two Kinds of Harvests

Campesino:'I farm coffee, rice, corn and cacao...And what do I harvest? Losses.'
FARC Guerrilla: 'I plant terror and death. What do I harvest? Trips to Cuba and seats in the Senate.'
This editorial cartoon in today's El Tiempo captured for me the paradox of Colombia's protests by campesino farmers and other, which coincide with government-FARC guerrilla negotiations in Havana, Cuba. Many believe that the FARC are promoting the protests by the farmers, who complain that subsidized agricultural imports have depressed farm prices so much that they lose money on their harvests.

The cartoon captures the irony that the guerrilla leaders, who claim to be the campesinos' defenders, look to do quite well off of this situation. They're living comfortably, maybe even luxuriously, in Havana during the negotiations. If a deal is reached, the FARC, who have committed countless abuses against campesinos and others, may get seats in Congress.

Go figger.

By Mike Ceaser of Bogotá Bike Tours

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