Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting Naked for Education

Topless students march down Ave. Septima, near the Parque Nacional.
Nudity and education don't usually mix - at least when book education is concerned. But today public university students drew attention to their calls for more financing by marching half-naked down Ave. Septima.

The marchers in what they called the 'desnudaton' are demanding that the government provide more money to public universities, eliminate interest rates on student loans and forgive student loan debts for those who have already paid back their loans' capital, but not the interest.

In the chill and drizzle, a banner becomes a shelter.

These women's chants denounced capitalism, neoliberalism and the government. 
Police protected a Chevy dealership.

After the march, students 'peacefully occupied' the ICETEX building off of the Plaza del Periodista. ICETEX administers student loans, and the demonstrators are demanding that the government eliminate interest on loans and forgive interest payments owed by students who have paid off their loans' capital.

'A peaceful takeover for the 11.3 billion' in debts which students want forgiven.
'Takeover for the 11 billion pesos!'
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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