Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bogotá's Hol(e)y Streets and Sidewalks

Taxis maneuver thru urban lakes in the Los Martires neighborhood.
Central Bogotá's streets have become urban obstacle courses. And things will only get worse, since El Tiempo reports that money for road repair will be cut by more than 50% in next year's city budget. 
Near Paloquemao Market.
But it may not matter, since the Petro administration doesn't seem to be able to get anything done on any front. 
Some bogotanos blame the city's traffic jams on bad roads. But one might also put the blame for the bad roads on the traffic.

Bogotá now wants to build a multi-billion dollar subway line - even tho nobody can say how the city will pay for it. Does it make any sense at all that a city which can't scrape together the money to pave its streets could finance a mega-project like a subway?
A big pothole in La Candelaria causes cars to drive onto the sidewalk, destroying the sidewalk.
Big cracks on Caracas Ave. turn the pavement into a trampoline for TransMilenio buses.
Crumbling asphalt in the Santa Fe red light district.
During the rain, the red light district's streets turn into lakes. 
A buckling sidewalk in Teusaquillo.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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