Thursday, July 2, 2015

Commerce Equals Crime?

'I'm a storekeeper, not a criminal.'
Owners and employees of the San Andresitos and other businesses with a reputation for selling contraband products marched down Calle 13 today protesting a proposed law which would stiffen punishments for selling contraband goods or having links to money laundering. 

The sellers charge that the law equates doing retail business with criminality. But not all commerce is criminal, just that which doesn't pay taxes or follow laws.

The trouble for the San Andresitos is a simple one: Their cheap cheapo business model is based on one thing: contraband goods, and many of those are linked to money laundering.

Tough luck for them. But they should look at the bright side - the government has never effectively enforced such laws, and they're unlikely to do so this time.

Riot police on Calle 13.
The law, yes, but not this way.
United for the right to work.

Waving the flag on Plaza San Victorino.

'For the right to work. A law with social justice.'

The San Andresitos on Calle 13 were closed, for once.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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