Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Split Mind on Smoking

'You could lose your baby by smoking.'
Colombia is renewing its graphic cigarette warnings, which is a good thing, and likely not to the liking of the smoking industry.
'The smoke you produce is fatal for everybody.'
'Are you willing to die this way?'
The existing warnings are also pretty dramatic, but replacing them's a good thing so that the public doesn't become jaded.

Today's warnings: 'Smoking causes impotence, addiction, cardiovascular sicknesses, etc.'
But why doesn't Colombia (or Bogotá) do the other thing which would reduce smoking - particularly by kids: Crack down on loosie sales? Such sales are illegal, but the law is a dead letter.

A man lights a loosie boiught from a street vendor.
The street vendors sell cigarettes alongside chips, candies and other kids' treats.
Cartoon cigarette lighters, obviously designed to appeal to kids.
Cigarette companies are prohibited from advertising - but they do so, anyway, by calling their ads 'display cases.'

The lighted case on the street vendor's stand shows off cigarettes.

Not very subtle: The huge case shows off Camel cigarettes, notorious for marketing to youth, which have just come to Colombia. So, celebrate!
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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