Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Deadly Idea

Calling for death for the corrupt on Carrera Septima.
Death penalty for the 'corrupt,
criminals and rapists.
Among all the good, bad and indifferent ideas being offered in this election season, perhaps the most disconcerting and disappointing one is the Green Party candidate's call for capital punishment - for corruption, rape and just generally being a 'criminal.'

The death penalty does not exist in Colombia, even for crimes such as mass murder. Popeye, one of Pablo Escobar's assassins, who murdered hundreds of people, was released from prison about one year ago.

Colombia's 'Green Party' (formally called the Alianza Verde) isn't really so green. But the party is leftist and anti-violence. Presumably, it's against killing bulls in bullfights. But here's a Green candidate calling for the wholesale slaughter of Colombians for even the most minor criminal  offense. Just the crime of corruption by itself would undoubtedly mean the bloody end for many public functionaries if my experience and the tales I've heard are true.

Would this candidate, if he enters Congress, really want to have many of his colleagues executed?

In a society such as Colombia's, which is yearning for peace, such a harsh, vicious and radical proposal is the wrong thing to say - particularly coming from a leftist party.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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