Monday, October 15, 2012

Edgar Negret and Bogotá's Public Sculptures

Edgar Negret, known for his abstract, geometric sculptures died Oct. 11 the day of his 92nd birthday. This is perhaps his most prominent work in Bogotá, La Mariposa (The Buttefly), on Plaza San Victorino. Sadly, the sculpture is neglected and covered with graffiti. But on the positive side, it brightens up the plaza and serves as protection from the rain and as a slide for children.

Other Bogotá street sculptures:

This group of ghostly, spirit-like figures stands near Jorge Tadeo University. 

This fat man on a fat horse on Calle 26 near the German Cementery is the only public sculpture by Botero  in Bogotá.

'The Monument to Life and Disarmament' in Tercer Milenio Park. The monument was made from thoussands of weapons handed in and melted down. Sadly, most of its dozen doves have been stolen by metal scavengers. 

'Rita: 5:30 p.m.' by Enrique Grau, in front of the National Park in Bogotá.  'A monument to ethnic-urban regeneration.'

A steel tree in Tercer Milenio Park. 

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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