Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fire, Knives and Broken Glass on Plaza Bolivar

I've seen this guy on Plaza Bolivar recently performing feats with flourescent tubes, broken glass, fire and knives. He walks on glass, inserts a knife up his nose, swallows flame, then swallows a flourescent bulb. Desperate? Pathetic? Self-exploiting? This can't be good for the health, especially those broken flourescent bulbs.

I can walk on broken glass.

Sticking a knife up his nose. Don't try this at home kids. 

Eating fire. 

How to wash your face with broken glass.

How exhilirating!
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Stuart Oswald said...
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Apolítico said...

Dejas que este racista fascista asqueroso ponga comentarios racistas y supremacistas blancos, yo la verdad es que no entiendo como vosotros dos (y sobre todo el personaje este siniestro de Oswald) os interesais en asuntos de un país del tercer mundo, donde la mayoría de sus habitantes son de color marrón. Por que no te vas a vivir a Europa, a un paraiso blanco y conservador y alejado de los problemas de nuesotros países niggers? Hipócrita.

Stuart Oswald said...

Oh, I got it now. First comment deleted. I understand Mike and thought you'd do it. There's no hard feelings, I would have done the same. I will repeat the phrase without the name.

I would like to see a certain person perform the same act as this brave gentleman featuring in this post.

Stuart Oswald said...

Regarding the article. I suppose you could have paid him not to perform the act.?.

mauricio forero l said...

So Mike, apparently the list of people disliking with very, very justifiable reasons Oswald's racism, mental narrowness, and virulent hate, is increasing by the hour. You know, what kind of person is this guy, and yet, you keep treating him like an equal, your answers to his awful posts are often so passive, neutral or even cheerful...
Whats wrong with you Mike, we know, that it is almost impossible to get rid of him. But at least, can you put him in his place, more often? Seriously, don't you think that's your place and not mine or Apolitico or Clemente and I forgot the names of the other people I have seen protesting this guy's hate and bad karma.

Stuart Oswald said...

Racism!!!!? Explain this one please? Fundamentally opposed to socialism is not racism! But please explain.

Also, "by the hour"? It's been a few hours and there's no further opposition (but please feel free to get more of your friends on here)! Not that it would matter to me whatever the number were.

As a libertarian, I agree with a lot that Mike has to say (in an ideological stance I even agree with his drugs policy). It's true that I comment more on disagreements than my agreements. That is just simply what compels me to comment. It's the same with you. You're hate of me is what compels you to comment. I would just ask you to make valid comments rather than abusive comments to me here.

My first comment about you performing this street act was really meant in gest and is nothing of what you've said to me in the past and here now.

mauricio forero l said...

In his profile one of the things he writes is " Christ is the redeemer " and yet, so often he has the most hateful words for the poor, for whoever is protesting, always very humble people, calling them DISGUSTING, SCUM, implying they are dirty inside and out...But of course, he follows Christ doctrine and, he feels " REDEEM " so typical of the outstanding hypocrisy that so often is a mark of people like Stuart. Of course he is a racist, he is so, so typical of what he represent, the right and its intolerants for anything that is not in the list of what they consider tolerable " CHRISTIAN ". Christ the redeemer...If Christ could see this guy's hypocrisy and attitude toward: The students in La Nacho, the protesters on the streets, the hippies on the corner, whoever claim to be from the left, the poor and, dark of skin, or anybody that is not of his political affiliation, religious tendencies etc, etc...Christ would vomit or, would be protesting Oswald's outstanding, repugnant hypocrisy in this same blog. In his very awry way he claims that all this people are my friends, all I can say is that Clemente is indeed my friend, but also a man of 48 years of age, very educated and with his own opinion, is not that I telling him to protest and to write stuff, he is as seek of this guy's hate as me, Apolitico and so many others. This list is doomed to keep growing as long as he delights in putting people down and showing his intolerance and hate. I couldn't read what Apolitico saw, but Apolitico is calling him Fascist, and a racist...So Mike, can you think about it for a second and, admit that for somebody to used thous words is because he is upset somehow...That such anger is not free or unjustified. Apolitico is also implying that you agree with this guy. I do not thing you are at Oswald's level, not at all, but your passivity makes people thing that way.

Stuart Oswald said...

What a joke. So where's the racist aspect??? Still waiting. Being against socialism/socialists does not equal a racist.

Yes, I am a Christian too. I speak out against evil and that what I see of it in socialism. The debate is for and against socialism is well run. So you should know where the argument can only go (.. on and on..). Some people ARE scum. Some of the worst scum are the ones idolising other scum (such as Che, Hitler and Marx...) and having to hide their faces whilest at it (such as the Marxist students). The devil cares not of the race of the people he enlists he just seeks out and uses the weakest ones.

I believe in freedom for all good people (no matter the race or so called class). I am a libertarian (look it up and you'll understand me better afterwards).

I'd rather you not email me with threats and abuse. I still hold you in some regard and don't want to have to give you abuse back as it is far below me to do so.

After all is said and done. You are free not to read my comments. I am not leaving them for you.
Nor does it matter to me how many might disagree! I am educated in the university of life that matters more than a piece of paper.

Thank you.

Miguel said...

I've seen comments by Stuart which are disparaging and lacking respect, but not racist, as far as I can tell.

If popularity were the measure for being allowed to express one's opinions, a lot of us would be in trouble.


mauricio forero l said...

Stuart would be the dream of any amateur profiler working for the FBI...he is so easy to predict and get to know, so extremely typical. If he was leaving here, or in other words, if we had the misfortune in USA of having such a person, he would be hating minorities for getting food stamps, but if the food stamps were used by withes then, it would be OK. He is not brilliant, but not a fool, and he knows that if he opens to much his prejudices then he would be universally condemned. He is the kind of guy that in his own place or surrounded by his buddies he wouldn't hesitate in calling black people NIGGERS. I doubt that he even has high school education, he hates intellectuals or anything that question the establishment. Most likely, he comes from low socio economic background, and one day he found Jesus...This guy is so typical, I have seen people like him so many times that at this point I can recognized them from a mille. He is such a contradiction, he claims to be Christian and, fallow Jesus but...HE HATES, he says, for him the only way is his way...And he is making it very clear when he is telling me no to read his posts, like that is possible. In his seek mind is is truly REDEEM, and, more importantly, he has a mission, to condemn, insult, and hate anything that he thinks is not to his pleasing...This guy is seek and, the biggest hypocrite I have ever encounter.

Stuart Oswald said...

Thanks for trying to profile me. I am flattered that you tried.

I had to laugh when you thought I am against opposition to the establishment. I am all for the freedom of the people away from the state.

Here's a copy and paste from wiki on Libertarianism. This is what I am. I am on your side (like I have said before).
(Latin: liber, "free")is a set of related political philosophies that uphold liberty as the highest political end. This includes emphasis on the primacy of individual liberty, political freedom, and voluntary association. It is the antonym to authoritarianism. Libertarians advocate a society with a greatly reduced state or no state at all.

People can survive, live and flourish free from the state that you so Love!!!! It is your ideal of a state that enslaves them and makes them dependent on it. This is our point of difference. This is what is causing you so much angst.

Facisim being so closely linked to socialism means I simply cannot be what you claim I am. It is fundamentally not aligned with my thinking and the beliefs that define me. I will say that I do believe some people are better (righteous) than others, it is the difference between good and bad. Law abiding to criminal (as a simple example). The difference is not between races. To claim it is so is simply stupid argument.

I thought it sweet when you tried to tell me about Jesus. Using Jesus to insult me is pretty low, even for yourself.

Being educated by someone else's facts and information/propaganda is not intellectual at all. The rest of your comments are dumbfounded.

mauricio forero l said...

Libertarianism has nothing to do with all this posting, i spent a year taking political theory and Libertarianism is far more complex of your dictionary definition, but again, that is not the problem. The problem that i have with you lies in your treatment of others regardless of your political beliefs. Also, and, even do I am a secular person, your use of God in all this hate that you have, really bothers me. I can not imagine figures like Tomas Merthon as a Catholic monk and intellectual condemning others or calling them SCUM. How can anybody that proclaims to be redeem, has also the ugliness of calling others like that. You are nothing but an extremely confused person.
In the end, I also blame Mike for his passive attitude toward your ugliness. Any other blogger that I know would have a stronger position and say in view of all your hate. Stuart, I'm not at your level, so do not tell me that you are on my side, like we are equals, because we are NOT and, is not a matter so much of class as much as it is in how I approach life, the way I was raised and, most importantly my character. You show so openly your complex of inferiority, your sense of guilt and insecurity and, all these stuff is the result of a very messy childhood, one does not have to have a PHD in psychology to get to that conclusion. Its sad, very sad also to know how many people like you one has to encounter.

Miguel said...

To be honest, I'm tempted to erase both Stuart's nameless suggestion about knife tricks and Mauricio's baseless attribution of racial slurs to Stuart. But, since nobody sounds offended...

As for libertarianism, it seems to me either a very heartless philophy or as idealistic and unrealistic as communism. After all, it's obvious that individuals have very different abilities, and in a purely libertarian society some will flourish and many others will become lost. That doesn't seem very humane. Even economist Hayek supported public health care, housing support and other safety net systems. Mike

Stuart Oswald said...

Mauricio, I never said I am redeemed. That is something I'll find out when I am dead and reach the gates of heaven. In any case, I can be sure that you or your idols are hardly the redeemer(s) nor are you suitable to redeem me. I never use God to justify my views. You made a point of my faith and tried to use it against me whilest expressing your hate of it at the same time which is deeply dishonest and shows your character.

My libertarianism is not the sole answer to your hate of me. It is an explanation as to my point on the topics raised here. Either you refuse to see it or you simply wasted a Year of your studies (hope you funded this waste out of your own pocket).

You go on and on about how my comments are hate filled. You only need to read one or two of your own comments towards me. Are you now saying that only you have the right to post hateful comments??? Your whole agenda with your spiteful comments and even nastier and abusive emails to me (which I never reply to) consists entirely of hate with the repeated fascist demands that I stop airing my views all together! You cannot control my mind or my freedom of expression. This alone proves that you are of dubious stock.

I stand by my view that those filthy disgusting Marxist/Fascist students (or whoever they may be) parading their ignorance (with their faces covered) are indeed the very scum of society. And that goes for your murderous idols such as Che, Hitler, Fidel and all the rest too.. Anyone else propagating such ideologies that enslave whole populations and all mankind are also equally disgraceful. Yes, it is disrespectful (to quote Mike, of my comments) but such people deserve less than respect, they deserve to be rejected by every ounce of my body and mind and that of society's too.

Thank you,

Stuart Oswald said...

Mike, thanks for your reply.

As an example, proportional criticism can be directed at you too for this gentleman's predicament.

You could have paid him not to perform his act. You could have cleansed your conscience and fulfilled your social responsibilities and taken him in under your protection. Gave him a portion of your food and your unworn cloths, a roof over his head and a loving home. Supplied him with clean morale drugs and helped educate him (if required) and employed him from your own funds and give him self worth to the rest of the wonderful utopian society.

All this rather than making a spectacle of his continued predicament. Instead he has plenty of pictures on the internet with a good dose of mercury in his body, left to the elements by the one person that could have saved him.

Leaving others (society) to pay for your own guilt.

My point of all this is that Libertarianism frees you, me and all to act with as much compassion as we are free and willing to take. It is a much better way than forced enslavement of the masses where only further such dehumanising misery can evolve.