Thursday, September 5, 2013

Memorializing the Beso in El Bronx

This recent created mural on Calle 26 just west of Carrera Decima is becoming a Bogotá icon.

The mural memorializes a scene from El Bronx, the city's open-air drug alley.

On April 1, while Pres. Santos visited El Bronx, an El Tiempo photographer captured a couple in a passionate embrace amidst the street's vice and misery.

The couple were Hernán and Diana, drug addicts and Bronx denizens who survive by making and selling pipes for smoking dope. Both come from 'good' families, and Hernán even got an outstanding score on the ICFES student performance score. Some days the couple manages to scrape together the 8,000 pesos they need to pay rent for a room, some nights they sleep outdoors.

But they appear to be very much in love.

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