Sunday, February 16, 2014

Modernizing Colombians to Death

Colombians appear bent on adopting the ways of life of those oh-so-admirable 'modern' developed nations. And those habits include ones which are killing people in ever greater numbers thru obesity, heart disease, cancer and hypertension - and all the other fatalities caused by unhealthy food and sedenterism.

Over the past five years the percentage of Colombians who are obese has risen abouit 25 percent. Today, more than half of Colombians are oever-weight, and in some Colombian departments beween one fifth and one-third of teenagers are overwheight, altho that's usually the case in poor rural regions.

Here's how to transform Colombia into a modern country - even if it kills us:

Replace traditional meals, like this fish restaurant's...

...with junk food like this from McDonald's.

Replace bicycling and walking...

...with auto addiction. 

Replace traditional markets of fruits and vegetables...

...with convenience stores pushing  processed foods, sugar-packed foods and alcohol.

Replace active sports, like this girls' roller hockey match...

...with sedentary activities like television and video games.

Replace fruit drinks, like these salpicones containing strawberry, watermelon and chopped fruits...

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...with soft drinks like Coca Cola. Coke may add life, but certainly affects death.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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