Sunday, February 23, 2014

Scenes From La Ciclovía

Holding hands, a couple pedals down Ave. Septima. 
Recently, Bogotá's famed Ciclovia has been packed. And it's not just cyclists, but also walkers, joggers, and skaters. And folks aren't out just out exercising: they're also advertising products, campaigning for candidates and demanding rights for their pit bulls
Riding room only: A packed Ciclovia. 

Not only for two-wheelers. A couple skates past a mural on Calle 26.

On Calle 26, a bicyclist and a TransMilenio bus pass each other. When the TM line was created on 26th, city officials worried that the buses' draft would endanger cyclists. But I haven't heard of any accidents. 

Near the Parque Nacional, cyclists pass left-wing political banners. 

Learning to ride on training wheels. 
I've seen lots of these green Gran Estacion bikes recently on La Ciclovia. The shopping mall must be either lending or renting bikes. 
Swingin' in the Recrovia in the Parque Nacional. 
Cyclists carry flags for the Union Patriotica, a political party.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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