Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Victims' March

April 9, the anniversary of the 1948 assassination of populist leader Jorge Eliecer Gaitán, has been designated the Day of the Victims. This year saw a big march - of victims rights groups, and also lots of other organizations.

A woman waves a flag on Plaza Bolivar.

A fñag calls for a blank vote.
Union workers presentes!
Flags in front of the Supreme Court.

Preparing for the march near the Central Cemetery.
'Mining kills.'
Anti-riot police walk up Ave. Septima, behind them a banner of Gaitan. 
The spot where Gaitan was assassinated in 1948 has been turned into a shrine.

Two women heading toward the march. They said they were victims of right-wing groups. 
Victims? Demanding legalization of the 'personal dosis' of marijuana.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Daniel Krohn said...

The M-19 flag waving in front of the supreme court building on victims day.... oh the irony...

Miguel said...

Yes, and it's a long-running irony.

A look at Gaitan might suggest more ironies. After all, his tenure as mayor offered a lot to criticize. And, he modeled himself to an extent after Mussolini (who was in power while Gaitan studied law in Italy.)