Saturday, July 26, 2014

Envisioning Violence

Paramilitary fighters overlook Medellin; by Jesus Abad Colorado.
Few nations have had more experience with violence in recent decades than has Colombia, and probably no region of the world more than Latin America.

'Comuna Trece,' by Jesus Abad Colorado.
So the exhibit 'Reality in Conflict' on now in the Espacio Arte Nexus in the Las Nieves neighborhood is timely and thought provoking. A girl peers out thru a bullet hole in a window in Medellin's notorious Comuna 13; Paramilitary fighters with automatic rifles overlook Medellin; Bolívar's plate crumbles into cocaine; Colombia's 1,000-peso bills carries not only one image of martyred leader Gaitan, but many.

The works, all of which come from private collections, span decades of art and include work by famed photographers and painters. Most are understated, but their message is still clear.

Unfortunately, the gallery, located on the second floor of a nondescript building in the Las Nieves neighborhood, is only open for walk-in visitors on Saturdays. However, you can call and make an appointment to see the exhibition on a different day. The exhibit ends Aug. 7. Tel: 249-5514

Amidst the plethora of abstract art exhibitions, which say almost nothing, this one's worth seeing.

'Violence Study,' by Alejandro Obregón.'
'Violence', by Luis Angel Rengifo.
'Violence', by Luis Angel Rengifo.
'The harvest of the violent ones'. By Alfonso Quijano.
The nondescript Las Nieves building, on Carrera 8, nos 20-17, which contains the Espacio Arte Nexus, has been converted into art studios. Tel: 249-5514
A video by Fernando Arias.
Bronze sculptures by Fernando Arias.
'Flowrs for Diana', by Zoraida Diaz.
Juan Manuel Echavarria, 'Requiem NN.'
'The biggest weapon makes the rules.' By Moris (Israel Meza Moreno)
By Maria Cano.
From The New York Times, Sept. 1970. By Liliana Porter.
'Efluvio (Miedo)' by Johana Calle.
'Who can erase the prints?' by Regina Galindo.
'Boceto.' By Deborah Arango.
'Justice'. By Debora Arango.
'Knife fight class.' By Edwin Sanchez.
How to make a knife.
'Tirofijo,' by Jonathan Hernandez. Tirofijo was the founder and historical leader of the FARC guerrillas.
'Shell ball', by Fernando Arias.
Multiple Gaitans, by Luis Hernandez Mellizo. Jorge Eliecer was a populist politician whose 1948 assassination triggered the Bogotázo riots.
'Knights of faith,' by Jose Alejandro Restrepo. (Rescue workers carry dead and injured out of the justice palace in 1985. 

Plates fracturing into - guess what?
'Bolivar's plate,' by Juan Manuel Echavarria.

'Legion,' by Carlos Castro: a music machine made from knives.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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