Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Stupid Solution

Jaime Garzón's mural today.
And back when it was complete.
The mural on Calle 26 of assassinated comedian Jaime Garzón has become one of Bogotá's most iconic. And now it's missing a chunk.

It turns out that the owner of one of the homes behind the mural had objected to the backside of her rear wall being painted over - even tho she could not see it. The woman went to court, and won. Yesterday, a city painter eliminated the offending art from the backside of her rear wall.

I hope she's satisfied now that a corner of the offending mural of the martyred comic, who was shot near here in August 1999, has been eliminated. Perhaps her home feels more comfortable. Unfortunately, the thousands of people who pass the mural every will miss something too.

I hope she's happy. A note on the painted-over wall prohibits painting here. But isn't that what blank walls are for?
This absurd solution, which benefits nobody and hurts many, might have appealed to a comedian such as Garzón. In contrast, the woman who sued apparently lacks all sense of humor.

Now, why doesn't someone sue the city to make it do something with the huge empty lot in front of the mural? Homes and businesses here were demolished during construction of the 26th Street TransMilenio line a few years ago, but the empty lots are still there being nothing more than empty lots.

And where are the complaints about the trashy field?

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Andrea Quintero said...

I totally agree with you, this is an absurd solution. Court should not allow to erase or eliminate these type of art, because really this is art. I think that it is not vandalism, but the house's owner thought it was. Government should allow that people make this type of graffiti to remember iconic artists of Colombia's history. Why people think it is bad to the society?

Miguel said...

Thanks for your comment Andrea. Besides being absurd, this 'solution' benefits nobody. The woman can't even see the mural from her house. Mike