Saturday, October 10, 2015

Scenes From The Cannabis Festival

Today's medicinal (and recreational) marijuana fest on The Parkway in Teusaquillo neighborhood.

A marijuana muffin.
Colombia's pot laws seem to be in flux. Until the Uribe presidency, possession of the 'minimal dose' of pot and other drugs, including hard ones, was legal, altho sales were prohibited. Under Uribe, that right was ended. However, over the past few years, courts seem to have reaffirmed that 'right of self expression,' at least for addicts. And I've read of court rulings permitting people to have one, or in another case, eight, pot plants at home.

But on the street the law is a different matter. Recently, a friend of a friend was stopped on a street in La Candelaria by some cops, who found a bit of marijuana in one of his pockets. They threatened to arrest him, which would mean 24 hours in a drunk tank, with criminals and addicts, who would steal from him. He implored the police, pointing out that he needed to work the next day.

"Well, then help us out," the police told him.

He gave them the 30,000 pesos he had on him, and they let him go. He felt lucky that he hadn't been carrying more money, or they would have taken all of it.

Drug prohibition is a huge income source for corrupt police.

A smell of marijuana salve.
Something to cure all your ills.

Marijuana skateboards.
The Association for the Development of the Colombian Cannabis Industry, with the unfortunate acronym 'ADICC.'

Paraphenalia for only legal uses.
Read about weed.

Radio Marimba.
Read the book on pot.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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