Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Lonely 'No'

This gentleman walking along Carrera Septima today was one of very few people I've seen campaigning for a 'No' vote, against the peace deal with the FARC, in the Oct. 8 plebiscite.

The 'Si' campaign has been a no-holds-barred, full frontal assault on our senses, in the media, on the streets and from the Santos administration. While I agree that the agreement, with all of its flaws, will be a good thing for Colombia. However, such a lopsided campaign makes one question the vote's fairness.

Animals for the 'Si.'
A bicyclist for the 'Si' vote.
Get on the Si bus!

Vote 'Si' and we'll clean up this trash on Carrera 7 and Jimenez Ave.
A 'Si' rally.
Teatro Ensemble in Teusaquillo plans to vote 'Si.'

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Stuart Oswald said...

Not surprised given just how much public money has been spend to affect a biased vote in a free vote. Alot of those Si campaign assets are shamefully being paid for by public money. That man making a stand reminds of the man in this photo:

Miguel said...

Yes, the media and political fields are totally tilted in favor of the SI. If only PM Cameron had had it so good for the Brexit vote.

I've seen before that photo of the heroic man refusing to salute Hitler. And, yes, it takes guts to back No in central Bogotá. On the other hand, that man's wife, who was Jewish, was sent to a concentration camp with their child, and murdered, and the man in the photo was drafted into the German army, where he died. I don't expect that the No activist will suffer any such consequences.


Stuart Oswald said...

Astonishing that you favour politicians power over that of the people. David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn (whim still hasn't resigned) for that matter failed drastically to hear and identify with the people. The case for remain in the UK was based wholly on (unfounded) fear.

I am worried Colombians are finding comfort in political corruption once more by simply accepting what the state is ramming down their throat (paid for with their own money to make matters even more disgraceful). Hopefully the No vote can overcame the fear that the Si camp is trying to propagate. Voting No is not a choice between peace and war. Voting no is not accepting this hugely unjust deal negotiated by a corrupt government and other obviously corrupt participants. The British were brave to to vote against the political class. A decision that still receives so much hate, fear, bigotry and blatant disrespect for democracy. I hope the Colombians will be brave again once more now that the power is in their hands.

Here's a decent account of August Landmesser's story for anyone reading this: As for the parable not fitting exactly and thus not being applicable (as you seek to reason) to this brave man. I could argue the opposite. He is standing against the appeasement of a socialist organisation that seeks to create of socialist workers utopia. One ideology that most probably will become a minority power in a weak democracy. An ideology that has already born, stemmed and facilitated the majority of Colombia's problems (and crimes that will go without justice) and finds it support in so many uneducated, unreasoned fanatical minds. The parable here for this brave lone man doesn't look as good as you attempted to portray.

Otherwise keep up the great blog. Even though I cringe at a lot of your political views when expressed.

Miguel said...

Hi Stuart,

You won't find me arguing that the peace agreement is ideal, or that it will bring total peace to Colombia. It will just decrease the violence - hopefully. Critics are also correct that it means lots of impunity for the criminal guerrillas (and many government soldiers). This isn't a question to me about fear, just a hope that Colombia will be improved.

As for Brexit, it's hard for me to see why the UK doesn't benefit from close ties, economically, scientifically and otherwise, to the continent. But there's also another reason: The EU holds the continent together, and hopefully will prevent wars. The UK, with its democratic tradition is - or was - an important influence in that.

Thanks for reading the blog.