Thursday, November 10, 2016

DJLU Does Donald Trump

Colombia had better watch out. If Donald Trump, who is now (gag) president-elect of the United States, decides to make a Latin American nation his scapegoat, Colombia may be it: We've got terrorists here, and lots of illegal drugs headed toward the U.S. border, and even Latinos.

DJLU, one Bogotá's best-known street artists, stencils pithy messages on city walls. A lot of them seem to critique Trumpian values:

Trump may stumble the world into war - or barge into it.

In the Trumpian world, the super-rich like himself certainly outweigh the common people. And those hard-working common people, who've heavily supported Trump, will be left worse off when Trump starts slashing millionares' taxes.

A bullet-headed sperm. Sex and violence and Donald Trump. What more is there to say?

In the U.S., white evangelicals, who also happen to generally be enthusiastic supporters of easy access to guns, strongly supported Trump - despite Trump's multiple marriages, affairs and predilection for sexually assaulting women. Doesn't the Bible say 'Thou shalt not kill.'?

Trump means to loosen even more gun restrictions. The U.S. has the highest homicide rate in the developed world, and a U.S. free market in firearms already supplies guns to drug cartels in Latin America. Some of those weapons have appeared in Colmbia. Under Trump, firearm proliferation will boom, and some of those weapons rain down on Colombia, where they'll facilitate killings by drug cartels.

Land mines, sewn by guerrillas, are one of the most cruel and preverse weapons used in Colombia's civil war. Trump will almost certainly retreat from involvement across the continent, and reduce support for Colombia's peace agreement.

Internet spying, by Russia in particular, hurt Hillary Clinton's campaign. Leaks can help transparency, but in this case they produced Donald Trump, who is the least transparent politician seen in a long, long time.

Expect Trump to weaken environmental safeguards and abandon efforts to slow global warming, which he's said is a 'Chinese conspiracy.' The Trumpian planet Earth is a time bomb.

My impression of many Trump voters, who got manipulated by propaganda, stereotypes and organizations such as the NRA. Many of Trump's supporters are lower-income whites. Here, they've elected a man who will work to benefit the rich, and hurt working people's interests.

As an addendum, here's an anguished message I received today from a mixed-race woman from Colombia who lives (legally, as a U.S. citizen) in a midwestern U.S. state which voted for Trump, where she has a small business.

 I am very sad.  I have cried every day.  The situation is going to be very difficult for me as I represent what Trump followers hate.  Hopefully I will be safe. I hope God protects me from those crazies. 
The world is now in danger. 

A final question: Brexit, the plebiscite's 'No' vote and now Trump: What's happening to the world?

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Stuart Oswald said...

Well done for adding to the irrational meltdown with underlying racial bigotry.

I easily interpreted these pieces of art as pro trump messages (I didn't think the sperm one was a sperm at all. I interpreted it as a missile tampon sent in to destroy life).

This has been one of your worst opinion pieces. I feel ashamed for you.

larry stoyer said...

It might help to do some investigation before you repeat the same media biased drivel. Maybe we in the usa didn't want to vote for Hillary because her husband is a minimum four times rapist who paid over a million dollars to these women in civil court to make them go away. Or because she defended a child rapist and got his sentence reduced. Or because she paid people to go to trump rallies to insult women so that their husbands would start a fight and she could say trump followers were all violent people or because the day after she was subpoenaed she illegally deleted 33000 emails or because she took a hammer to the hard drive of her 13 cell phones or because putin said if she was elected it would probably cause world war 3 or because she supported abortion at any time even the last day of a pregnancy or because she said she wanted to confiscate every gun in the usa. You may think all the people who voted for trump are stupid. I am a college graduated gringo and my wife is a bogota graduated colombiana.

Miguel said...

Art is open to interpretation, Stuart, altho I think it's fair to say that DJLU's perspective is leftist. As for Hillary's misdeeds, I'm sure she has them. But to me they pale in comparison with what we've heard Trump's done: committing sexual assault, and boasting about it, running a fraudulent 'university', using tricks to not pay his taxes, a 'foundation' that's really a tax dodge, and on and on.


Stuart Oswald said...

Thanks for taking the time in posting this. I could have but really didn't have the time nor inclination. Its seems to have gone over Mike's head anyway. But well done for trying.

Miguel said...

I'm not sure why you're attacking Hillary and Bill, who aren't even in political office, when this blogpost is about Trump, who IS president. (painful as it is to say so.)

That having been said, you ought to check your "facts" before publishing them. Bill Clinton raped four women? I know there are accusations against him, some of which appear credible, but he hasn't been convicted of anything. Hillary wants to take away every gun? During the last debate she expressed support for the 2nd Amendment, together with reasonable gun control. I could go on. Regards.