Sunday, June 4, 2017

The New Parque La Concordia

The new Parque La Concordia.
Parque La Concordia is one of Bogotá's tiny parks which residents of other neighborhoods have never heard of, but which probably provide more recreation per square meter than do Bogotá's famed parks: Simon Bolivar and el Parque Nacional.

The park under construction, which seemed endless.
So, it was a real blow to the neighborhood when the park was closed early last year for renovation,
and particularly when the work stretched on from the planned 5 months to almost a year. (Did the contractor milk it for profit?) That was especially true since the park was already perfectly useful.

But, out of the long wait and 2.4-billion pesos spent, at least we did get an improved park: The football/basketball pitch was resurfaced, a new futbolito pitch was added, as was a small skate park and even a workout area for bodybuilders.

There is no special section for pot smokers, another traditionally popular activity in the park, but they will make it for themselves.
Boys on BMX bikes enjoy the skatepark.

BMX biking down stairs.

Skating, too.

A nice place for dogs.

How long will the exercise machines last?

Future soccer stars at work.

Reading in the park.

That's one way to descend the stairs.

Swingin' fun.

Not just for kids. Adults on the exercise machines.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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