Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Marijuana Nation?

Selling medical marijuana products near La Plaza Bolivar.
With 50 million people, Colombia has about 0.657894% of world population.

Yet, the latest United Nations plan alloted to Colombia an incredible 44% of the world's legal medical
Pot products for sale in Bogotá.
cannabis production.

No, it's not that all Colombia suffer from ailments treatable only by medical marijuana. Rather, I suppose, Colombia was one of the few nations to bother to apply for the U.N.'s marijuana allotment. Add to that the warm tropical climate with lots of rainfall and humidity that favor pot production, as well as a government which has legalized medical marijuana and criticized the War on Drugs, and Colombia looks like a pretty nice fit for industrial marijuana plantations.

A lot of Colombian pot apparently will head north to Canada, where growing conditions aren't so good.

Coca and pot products.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


1009 said...

Maybe math isn't your strongest point, so I just wanted say that your first percentage has too many zeros: 7,6 billion / 50 million = 0,0066 = 0,66%.

Miguel said...

You're right, math isn't y strong suit. Still, I thought I had it right.

But thanks for the correction.


1009 said...

You're welcome. Love your blog BTW