Saturday, January 27, 2018

The New FARC

FARC political party campaigners on Carrera Septima last night.
Bicycling down Carrera Septima last night I came upon this group of FARC members on campaign.

Men debate while holding FARC flyers.
But let's be clear: These were not the old guerrilla FARC, but the new political FARC: the Alternative Revolutionary Force of the Common People. The same initials as the armed guerrilla organization, and many of the same people, but a whole different nature.

That they have really changed became clear to me when I heard their discourse: It was standard,
boring and political: Lots of promises about equality and vows to improve healthcare, increase equality and improve security.

Call them hypocritical if you like. After all, not long ago, the FARC guerrillas were out there kidnapping and assassinating politicians, driving peasants off of their land, and in general generating all the sorts of problems and suffering they are now campaigning against.

The new FARC will not likely be any more successful than they were in their previous incarnation at accomplishing these goals. However, at least they are now playing the political game instead of tearing their nation apart. In that, the deeply flawed peace treaty at least accomplished a whole lot.
Selling peace and prosperity, under the eye of McDonald´s.

A man, in blue jacket, hugs a FARC senate candidate.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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Stuart Oswald said...

Oh please. Hardly anything has changed. The drug trade as a result of Santos' deal has increased. The only apparent difference as a direct result is that we have the vilest of vile murderers, rapists, kidnappers and facilitators now in civil society, escaping justice. What a spit in the face for the victims (mainly woman and children). Add to that, the fact that the people actually said "no" to his deal (despite massive pressure and government funding to vote otherwise). On top of it, all the victims are having to pay for his Nobel Prize. Only in Colombia.