Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Musicians' 'Beach'

Ready for a Vallenato?
No, there's no beach in 2,600-meter Bogotá. But there is a 'playa' in the Chapinero neighborhood, where three afternoons each week musicians wait for work.

Mariachi man
Seeking Mariachis? Vallenatos? A harp or an accordian? Don't bother with Craigslist: Your musicos are awaiting you at 55th St. and 14th Ave., just outside the Transmilenio station.

The musicians said they usually wait on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons. They charge by the hour, and aren't cheap - get ready to pay several hundred thousand pesos per hour.

If you're gonna throw a party, but want to save the trip out to Chapinero, these musicians do have telephones:

Carmenza Monterrey y su Mariachi
Cel: 321-429-9661

El Aventurero y su Mariachi Aguilas de Mexico
Cels: 310-201-6302/ 300-560-1685/316-285-9617

Henry Noguera y su mariachi, los Mensajeros de Guadalajara
Cel: 321-248-6282/ 320-219-1168
Man with accordian for rent
These guys got work.
Mariachi men

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogota Bike Tours

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