Friday, January 28, 2011

The Man Who Made the Green Men

Jorge Olave and a tangle of figures to be placed in La Plaza del Chorro. 
Jorge Olave must be the least-known Bogotá artist with the best-known work. He's the creator of the famous 'green men (and women),' who stand on La Candelaria's eaves, rooftops and balconies.

The rooftop figures were created during the 1990s, each modeled after somebody who lived in or near La Candelaria. (The single exception is the fisherwoman outside his studio on Carrera 3 between 14th and 15th Sts. Below it is his daughter Laura's graffiti T-shirt shop.)

A damaged figure, now at rest in the studio.
Over the years, many of the green figures have been damaged by the rain, wind and sun. Olave is now in the process of obtaining financing from La Candelaria's local City Hall to create a new set of figures, these to be placed in La Plaza del Chorro, where Bogotá was founded.

The new figures are to include a graffiti artist, a woman reading, a businessman and La Loca Margarita, a legendary crazy woman who once roamed La Candelaria.
At work in the studio.
See Olave's satirical display on local officials here.

Olave shows off his plan for La Plaza del Chorro. 
The fisherwoman's legs hang in the studio's window.

Laura's graffiti t-shirt shop. 
Here are several green men waiting to be placed on La Candelaria eaves and rooftops.

Cell phone man.

That's a spray paint can he's tossing!

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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