Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day of La Candelaria

Looking down Calle 10, toward Plaza Bolívar
La Candelaria (antigua) is Bogotá's historical and cultural center, as well as the location of most of the city's most important historical and cultural sites. With dozens of theatres, universities, bars and restaurants in La Candelaria or nearby, the neighborhood also has a lively cultural life.

The Feb. 2 date is associated with the Convent of the Recoletos de San Agustin, who built the La Candelaria Church and convent located on Calle 11 between Carrera 3 and 4. Once a religious festival, for reasons I don't know of, it's now a civil one, according to La Candelaria's local mayor's office.

In commemoration, here are some scenes of daily life in La Candelaria.

Acrobats in La Plaza del Chorro, where Bogotá was first founded. 

Poor wait for free food outside the Loto Azul vegetarian restaurant.

The monthly demonstration in support of the Acuerdo Humanitario, in La Plaza Bolívar.

Tasting chicha in the Callejon del Embudo.

Rosario University historic building. 
Offering emeralds on Ave. Jimenez.
Canelazo and coffee vendors head home across La Plaza Bolívar.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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