Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photos in the Museo Bogotá

The Museo de Bogotá, on Carrera 4 just north of 12th St., is one of La Candelaria's smaller, lesser-known museums, but worth a walk-through. Right now it's got an exhibition of photographs, the winners and entries from a contest named 'Bogotá, Present-Day Patrimony' intended to portray the relationships between the city's residents and their surroundings.

If you want to see the show, hurry. It ends Feb. 16.

The museum is in a colonial home which was the residence of Juan de Sámano, the last Spanish virrey, or representative of the king, to attempt to rule Colombia. Sámano is remembered for his ruthlessness in executing many rebels and patriots, the most famous of them probably being Jorge Tadeo Lozano and Policarpa Salavarrieta, as well as for fleeing to Cartagena and then Panama when rebel forces approached.

In the locomotive repair yard behind the Estacion de la Sabana.

One of the photographers who struggle to survive on Plaza Bolivar in the era of digital photography. 

Hiking on Bogotá's outskirts.

Traditionally-dressed residents walk up a La Candelaria Street. 

A woman in a public market. 

This photo, of portrait cards displayed in a shop, struck me because of the variety of subjects: leftist idealists beside a murderous fascist. And behind these extraordinary personalities, forgettable retail products.

Llamas on San Victorino Plaza.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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