Thursday, February 16, 2012

Women's Artworks at the MOMA

Laurie Simmons, 'The Instant Decorator'. 

Is there women's art? Or men's art? Groups of men and groups of women certainly tend to have different hormones, interests, behaviors and life experiences. But individual men and women are all over the board in their femininity and masculinity, their life experiences and interests.

Bogotá's Museum of Modern Art is holding an exhibition of women's art, altho the artists are all European. Besides portraying men and women, the works aren't particularly feminist art. In fact, most are abstract. So, perhaps they're art by women, but perhaps not women's art.

Still, it is easy to see that the works are not by men for one reason: There are almost no nudes.

The exhibition, titled 'Mirada Femenina,' ends March 4.

Here's a list of museums in and near Bogotá's historic center, La Candelaria.
'Two Boys Smoking in Central Park,' by Diane Arbus
Love Without Illusion, by Grete Stern

'Alberto and Alfredo are Twins'. (Looking a bit like James Deans), by Barbara Allende

'Botella del Mar', Grete Stern 

'You've done all you want with me,' by Carmen Calvo.

The sculpture consists of fingers...or phalluses?

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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