Monday, May 21, 2012

Images From Times Past

The San Alejo flea market, a Sunday/holiday institution on Ave. Septima beside the Museum of Modern Art, is Bogotá's best flea market thanks to its varied and eclectic items, low prices and informal atmosphere.

Hold still, and smile!
Today, I was taken by this guy making portraits with his 80-year-old Kodak box camera. The equipment is so old, that it doesn't even have a Facebook app.

First, he takes the picture.

Hold still!

He lifts the lens cap for the proper amount of time, then closes it.

Then he develops the picture. The camera's box also serves as a darkroom and in a few minutes the photo emerges - but it's a negative.

The photo is rinsed to remove chemicals.
The photographer then places the negative in front of the lens and photographs it, producing the positive.

The final product is black and white and a bit fuzzy - but it's a classic.

And rubbed dry on the photographer's forearm. 
But that's a negative, which must be photographed to produce the positive. 

Photographing the negative, to produce the positive. 
After four steps, the final product. 
Old and new cameras at work. 
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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