Thursday, November 21, 2013

Greenman's Cow Manure Art

Greenman displays a cow manure painting.
Greenman, a friend who is an artist and environmental activist, has this very unique workshop located inside a greenhouse on the campus of the National University, La Nacho.

Greenman, who generally paints himself green, dresses in green clothing and rides around on a green bicycle, incorporates his green philosophy into his art. When we visited him during today's bike tour, he showed us some tiny fish which he'd found, some still alive, discarded in trash along the polluted Ave. Caracas. A fish seller had thrown out the tiny animals because they weren't sellable. He also had a snake which had been killed by the university's lawn mower. All those animals were to become part of Greenman's artwork.

Greenman makes his 'paint' out of cow manure. He says it's very durable, and more importantly is environmentally sound. For Greenman, the manure represents a cycle of life, from grass to the cow and then fertilizer.

"This completes the life cycle," Greenman told us.

From this cow manure will emerge great art.
Greenman grabs his green bike. 

This little snake, killed by a lawn mower, will become part of an artwork. 

Greenman's materials.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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