Sunday, November 17, 2013

Scenes From Bogotá's 2013 Bicycle Week

At the Bike Expo, a French tourists lifts a lightweight bamboo bike. 
Bogotá's annual Bicycle Week, consisting of events intended to promote cycling, wound up today. The week also included bicyle shows, circus performances and races.

Environmental activist Greenman with students in the Parque Nacional.
'Fewer Cars, More Bikes.'
A performer and bike tourist meet. 
A bicycle tourist from the States gives a dancer a lift.

Bici-Tante, a young Bogotá cycling magazine. 
Trendy new bikes, including one made of bamboo, on display.
Unicyclists at work.
Kids, participants in the Al Colegio in Bici (To High School by Bike) program. 
Bici-Cupid, who's supposed to make one fall in love with cycling.
Welcome to Bicycle Week. 
Racers fly downhill in the Parque Nacional.

Where did Guy Fawkes come from?

Harley-Style bikes. 

Bikes, and bicyclists, from yesteryear.
Women cyclists race uphill in Bogotá's Parque Nacional.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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