Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wasted Space on Calle 26

Jaime Garzón, the martyred comedian, now behind barbed wire.
A handy dumpsite.
A few years ago, when the city began work on the TransMilenio line for the Calle 26, they demolished houses and businesses on both sides of the street. What did they need the space for? It wasn't clear.

But the answer's now obvious: They didn't need the space for anything.

Predictably, the empty lots the city left on both sides of Calle 26, just west of the Central Cemetery, became illegal dumping grounds, providing ugly foregrounds for the huge murals the city has sponsored there. In response, the city is now fencing the empty lots off with concrete posts and barbed-wire.

This sad jaguar and miner
will soon be fenced in.
My prediction: Within a few weeks, the barbed wire will get stolen and the dumpers will move in again.

Isn't there a better use for this land? How about green space? Lots of locals would find these areas useful for dog-walking or pick-up futbol games.

The folks who saw their homes and businesses needlessly demolished must be shaking their heads - and their fists.

A few days ago, these feet murals
were walking on trash piles.
Why did this happen in the first place? I can only speculate. Incompetence? Bad planning? Or did someone with influence own a demolition company?

Pulling barbed wire.

Stringing up barbed wire.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Unknown said...

"Why did this happen in the first place? I can only speculate." Do you know how to find the answer to your own question? Why don't you find the answer?

Miguel said...

I'd like to find out, but suspect it'd mean lots of time and frustration...if those who know were even willing to talk about it. Perhaps it's rooted in Samuel Moreno's corruption.

But, whatever the cause, it doesn't change the fact that the area is empty and they should find something better to do with it than fence it in. Mike