Friday, April 3, 2015

Attacking the Peace Talks from the Left

'A peace as an excuse for perpetuating inequality.'
Pro-rebellion posters cover a mural showing
a land-mine victim. Land mines, which
kill and maim many civilians, are
planted by Colombia's guerrillas.  
'And the solution is -rebellion.' These posters appeared today in Bogotá's Teusaquillo district denouncing the FARC.-government peace negotiations going on now in Habana, Cuba.

Until now, most criticisms of the negotiations haves come from the right, which labels them give-aways to the guerrillas and charges that violators of human rights will get off with only symbolic punishments.

In contrast, these anonymous posters, with their calls for 'liberation' and denunciations of inequality, are attacking the talks from the far left, as failing to solve society's ills. Their view seems to be that the solution is rebellion - a new 'revolution'. Does Colombia really want to rewind itself to the 1960s?

'In rebellion, LatinAmerica recovers its existence.'
'A same past, a same enemy, a same possibility: Liberation.'
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Dan K said...

It's clear that these political statements are made by individuals with a weak grasp in regards to relevant historical events. The FARC has perpetuated this revolution for quite some time, and their struggle has yet to bear any kind of fruit. Sure, in principle, equality is a good idea. However, I have yet to hear a realistic solution in terms of how said equality will be attained. These guys just want to shove a "revolution" down the throats of people who by and large, don't want it. I guess these idealistic über lefties don't care about the rights and liberties that will be sacrificed in their pursuit of brining equality to the Colombian masses.

Dan K said...
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Ally Brown said...

A realistic solution? Well how is it attained in other countries? Through the redistribution of wealth through the taxation system. It's not rocket science. But in Colombia, the wealthy elite are SO powerful that it will take something revolutionary (even just "revolutionary thinking") to ever push something like that through.

Dan K said...

Like I said, those that carry out these "revolutions" have no better solution to the problems than those that are already in power. The poor and defenseless are going to suffer regardless. The idea of wealth redistribution is shortsighted, and doesn't address the real issues plaguing Colombia's lower classes. A revolution isn't going to change the fact that the majority of Colombian's are poor and backwards, and the very people these types are claiming to help, have always borne the brunt of the violent ramifications of extreme left and right policy. If you want meaningful change, then look at education and self empowerment, instead of stealing "redistribution" under the pretense of making things more equal. Sorry, but having a small majority of the population, that pays for the majority of the country's social programs, isn't a realistic solution. That's basically the way things are here now, and such thought gives little incentive for the lower classes to pursue upward mobility. Colombians are by and large tired of fighting and the divisive rhetoric on both sides of the coin, only helps to sow discord, while at the same time preventing meaningful changes in policy.

Miguel said...

According to what I've read, thru tax evasion the wealthy pay a remarkably small proportion of taxes. In any case, unless we want another violent insurgency, redistribution thru taxes is our only option. it's worked pretty well for western Europe, in any case.