Sunday, April 12, 2015

Colombian Artists Thru Hernan Diaz's Lens

Journalist and movie director Guillermo Angulo and Vanna Brandestini, 1961, posing as silent film actors. 
Hernán Díaz (1931- 2009) lived and chronicled a golden age of Colombian creativity during the second half of the 1900s. His friends included Colombia's three great artists: sculptor Fernando Botero, architect Rogelio Salmona and writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, as well as many lesser known figures of cinema, painting and photography. Díaz also photographed common people and presidents, as well as landscapes.

Díaz's work is now on display in the Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, on Calle 11 in La Candelaria, across the street from the Botero Museum.

Alejandro Obregon, 1920-1992, painter, muralist, sculptor and engraver.
Beatriz Gonzalez, pop painter.
Argentine painter, muralist and sculptor Rogelio Polesello and Colombian sculptor Feliza Bursztyn. 
Painter and sculptor Eduardo Ramirez, Hernán Díaz, sculptor Édgar Negret and photographer Rafael Moure.
Scenes from Bogotá's Eastern Hills (which are now being paved over).

Feliza Burzstzyn.

Sculptor and painter Fernando Botero.
Painter and sculptor Freda Sargent 
Gabriel Garcia Marquez appearing serious and intellectual.
'Girl with Dog.'
Writer, poet and sculptor Gonzalez Arango.

Fernando Botero at work.

Landscape scenes.

Argentine-Colombian art critic and writer Marta Traba.

Six Colombian artists.
A sweets vendor.

Cartagena scenes.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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