Friday, April 10, 2015

Where the Victims Lie?

El Parque del Renacimiento may have ended a mystery with this unimpressive monument to the thousands of people killed during the 1948 Bogotazo, who are supposedly buried underneath the park, whose name means 'Rebirth.'

The monument didn't seem to include any evidence for the remains' presence below the park, which was once the Children's Cemetery. But the remains' presence here would be logical, since I've seen photos of hundreds of corpses laid out in the nearby Cementerio Central.

If true, tho, maybe it explains why the park is so often vacant.

The park's monument.
An image of a newspaper headline reporting Gaitan's assassination 'by an agent of the government.' In fact, Gaitán was apparently assassinated by a mentally unstable man who had an obsession with the political leader.

Gaitán speaks in the Santamaria Bullfighting Stadium.
Yesterday, passionate followers of Gaitán held this rally by the spot on Ave. 7 and Jimenez Ave.

A Gaitanista makes an angry speech calling for Latin American unity.
An image of a smiling Gaitán.
A man sells DVDs of Colombian history.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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