Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Double Municipal Mural Disfunction

Where'd Lesivo's mural go?
Not long ago, the city called for proposals from graffiti groups and paid the winners to paint walls along Calle 26, beautifying the stretch of road between the airport and downtown. Now, for no apparent reason, the city - or some government entity - has decided to hide away the murals taxpayers paid for.

Or, perhaps those in power are covering the art up out of embarrassment. After all, these walls were exposed several years ago when the government demolished homes and businesses here during the construction of the Calle 26 TransMilenio line.

Since then, they've just left the space vacant.

Were these buildings destroyed because then-Mayor Samuel Moreno - who is now in prison on corruption charges - wanted to give work to some relative who owned a demolition company?

At the very least, the city might turn these empty areas into green space, instead of fencing them off behind barbed wire and, now, hiding them behind a plastic wall.

This guy, with his dog-powered bicycle, might like to walk his dogs in that green space.
Soon to disappear too?
Will Jaime Garzon soon be hidden away?
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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