Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Surprise! Suprise! Football is Sexist

Still all about James Rodriguez in El Espectador.
The sports industry is sexist. Everybody knows that. Football, basketball, American football, boxing...usually, we don't even consider the female versions of these - if they even exist.

The Womens' World Cup gets just a mention in El Tiempo.
That's particularly clear right now. The run-up to the Copa America, to be played in Chile, is receiving non-stop coverage in Colombian media: Who are the contenders? How's training going? How will Messi do? Who's twisted his ankle? And, for good measure, a feature on James Rodriguez's childhood. It's endless.

And Copa America hasn't even started yet.

Meanwhile, pushed into the corner of El Tiempo's sports page, is a small article about the women's side: Colombia managed to tie Mexico today, in the Women's World Cup tournament taking place in Canada.

Of course, a few women are featured by the sports journalists: A Colombian sports broadcast today dwelled endlessly, with generous videos, about a supposed plan by Venezuelan women to remove their clothing if their country's team does well in the Copa.

As for the Women's World Cup, which has has only existed since 1991, if Colombia wins, will anybody notice? Who knows, for example, who the reigning champion is? It's Japan, of all countries.

Also, in the women's cup's favor is the fact that, as far as I know, the FIFA corruption scandal hasn't touched the women's side. There's an easy explanation for that, of course - there's lots less money in it. Check out the FIFA women's sports page, which shows teams playing in fields resembling those of a mid.aized American high school.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Unknown said...

who really gives a shit?

Miguel said...

Obviously, you don't. But a lot of people who care about women's sports do.

Unknown said...

See, its not sports that are sexist. It's society. It's sh@t. Women in most countries are believed to be inferior, and even in places like America, we try, but we obviously aren't too too much better. Society made sports this way. Sports didn't just come to be like this.
EDIT: Wow, just noticed, old post.