Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May Day March 2018

'Freedom Now! No more frame-ups!' Supporters of jailed FARC leader Jesús Santrich carry signs demanded his freedom.
Members of the FARC's political party -
also known as the FARC - march thru downown.
Surprise, surprise: this year's May Day paraders denounced Trump and called for Santrich's freedom. They were right on one count - Donald Trump has no place is decent society. But evidence against Santrich - a one-time FARC guerrilla leader who is now in prison on drug trafficking charges and may be extradited to the United States - looks quite strong. Perhaps the strongest evidence against Santrich is the fact that the Santos administration, which made the peace deal with the FARC the centerpiece of its reelection campaign - appears to agree that santrich is guilty - despite the huge embarrasment to the peace deal.

I was shaken - emotionally - by a group of mixed martial arts fighters, who labeled themselves anti-fascists, but appeared thoroughly fascist to me. When I took their photos - as I did of all the groups which passed me - they very obnoxiously stuck their own cameras into my face and took my photo, to attempto to intimidate.
Che Guevara: everpresent.

A phalanx of police protects a government building.

FARC supporters show off the flower symbol.

Despite all the evidence, a faile dream never dies.

¡Revolución ahora!

These 'antifascist' marchers looked pretty fasist to me.

A cause I can believe in: marijuana depenalization.

An 'anti-fascist'demonstrator photographs me to intimidate me from photographing them.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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