Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bogotános' Bad Mood

Bogotá scored poorly on traffic congestion, which residents say is getting worse. 
Of the ten cities surveyed,
Bogotanos are the
least proud of their city. 
We fear crime and don't trust the police. We feel that our commutes take ever longer. Health care is inadequate. We live in fear of crime. And, predictably, bogotanos feel little pride in their city.

Those are the disappointing results of the latest Bogotá Como Vamos (Bogotá How Are We Doing) survey, which asked Bogotanos and residents of nine other department capitals how they felt about their cities.

Only 41% of Bogotanos feel
the city's heading in the
right direction. 
The citizen perceptions contradict official statistics, which indicate that Bogotá's crime and poverty rates have declined recently. Traffic congestion, however, is getting worse, and the city has shown little will to confront the problem.

About the only positive in the report was that most Bogotanos feel better economically than they did last year.

But what's money worth if you spend long hours trapped in traffic and can't get good medical care when you fall prey to all the stress and pollution?

Bogotanos are the least satisfied with their city.

More Bogotanos than residents of any other city surveyed report being victims of crime. 
Relaxing in a park in La Candelaria overlooking Bogotá.

Only 17% of Bogotanos feel 'secure' in the city.

Most Bogotanos feel that their economic situation is improving. 

But most Bogotanos feel better economically than they did one year ago.

A traffic jam in Bogotá's historical center, La Candelaria. 
Most Bogotanos feel their commute takes longer and longer. 

The use of private cars (blue line) is increasing, meaning even worse traffic congestion. 
Private vehicle use is increasing, meaning worse traffic congestion is on the way.

Only 10% of Bogotanos feel it's likely that criminals will be punished. 

Few Bogotanos feel that their health care is assured. 

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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