Thursday, July 11, 2013

Waiting to See a Bit of Madre Laura

Waiting to see a bit of Madre Laura in the Cathedral of Bogotá.
Madre Laura, the Colombian nun who is on her way to sainthood, visited Bogotá today - or at least a tiny bit of her did. Catholic Church officials put a fragment of one of her ribs on display in the Cathedral de Bogotá. The somewhat grotesque spectacle was reminiscent of the display of a vial of Pope John Paul's blood in the cathedral not long ago.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


mauricio forero l said...

It is a joke, they are also considering John Paul the second as a saint...Where can you pile more stupidity??? As a secular person and, after reading Oscar Arnulfo Romero's biography I am convinced that among all these Catholic and religious figures, he was truly the only real saint. A man who chose to be with the oppressed and the and persecuted, a man who lived in complete humility in a little room as archbishop of El Salvador. he gave his life by denouncing the crimes and the criminals. He should be the model for sainthood.

Miguel said...

Hi Mauricio,

On the other hand, I think that Pope John XXIII deserves rich recognition for organizing the Second Vatican Council, which did so much to modernize the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, the recent Popes have done a lot to erase his legacy.


Monica said...

Pope John XXIII and JPII are both going to be saints, the Vatican announced them together. A two-fer! Archbishop Romero is also on the fast track to sainthood, the Vatican removed all the roadblocks, he will be a saint very soon. All of them deserve it.

mauricio forero l said...

Monica, how can anybody that lives surrounded by so much luxury can be considered for sainthood? I thing John XXIII had great ideas and indeed, among all the popes, was perhaps the most remarkable figure in the last 500 years. But JPII and Paul XXIII are amateurs when it comes to sainthood near Romero.