Friday, June 27, 2014

A Bite of Luck for Colombia

Italian player Giorgio Chiellini shows his shoulder, bitten by Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez.
When Uruguay's star striker Luis Suarez bit an Italian opponent, he did Colombia a big favor. When the teams play tomorrow in the World Cup's first elimination round, Uruguay will be missing the man who scored its two goals against England.

Suarez holds his teeth after attempting live cannibalism.
The loss is a boost for Colombia, but only evens things out, since Colombia's own star striker, Falcao, is off the team because of a knee injury.

Suarez, meanwhile, has been welcomed back home as a hero. Uruguay's coach called FIFA's nine-game, two-month suspension of Suarez an unfair persecution pushed by the 'English-speaking media.' Perhaps that English-speaking media has a special prejudice against cannibals. A bit ironically, Suarez plays for Liverpool, in England.
A muzzle for Suarez? (Image: The Independent)

Some have suggested that Suarez needs therapy to control his aggression. But that aggression and lack
of inhibition is probably fundamental to his soccer prowess.

So far, Colombia has done great - but had a pretty easy run. Assuming a victory tomorrow, Colombia will next run up against the winner of the Brazil-Chile match, in other words, Brazil.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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