Saturday, October 25, 2014

Well, Some of It's Art

In conjunction with the ArtBo exposition going on in the Corferias convention center, various galleries in La Candelaria are putting on their own shows. This is from the Misol gallery on the corner of Carrera 3 and Calle 12D.

Is it art? Some of it. Other's just plain obscenity, it seems to me. But the gallery's worth a walk thru, and while you're at it you can also visit several other local galleries. You'll have a much lower-key art experience than in Corferias.

A match by any other name.
Why is this horse in the living room?
Suburban nude.
Why am I standing here naked?
Two ladies in a kitchen. Transcendental!
An artist gave a lecture this afternoon about the nature of consciousness.
Artsy types.
A study in copulation.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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