Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chicken Hell, and Signs of the Times in Bogotá

You'll see some interesting signs on Bogotá's Streets!

This new fried chicken place appeared recently in the Santa Fe neighborhood, which is also the city's low-rent red light district, formally known as the zona de tolerancia, or tolerance zone.

The sign is certainly accurate enough for the poor chickens, altho the rooster on the sign doesn't appear too miserable.
An English institute: Learn English Easy - to Talk Good! (in Teusaqullo) .

In May, 2011 the institute realized that their sign was wrong - and erased the wrong word!
Hygiene signs in the Teusaquillo neighborhood.
Do not poop here! (In case you were wondering.)
No pissing either!
Driving instructions?
No way out? This sign saying 'Salida' (Exit) in a public park near Los Andes U. shows  that Colombia just might beat out the U.S. for the most absurd safety regulations. 
A sign in the Santa Fe neighborhood reminding passers by not to poop, pee, litter or sleep in the street. 
And the effective results. 

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