Friday, August 19, 2011

¡Futebol Falam português!*

*Football speaks Portuguese!

Brazilian and Mexican players fight for the ball during a cup match.
Brazil and its one-time colonial master Portugal will play Saturday afternoon for the championship of the 2011 Fifa Under-20 World Cup. It's an interesting match-up between Portugal, once a world power, but now indebted and near bankruptcy, and Brazil, one of the world's future economic superpowers.

I expect that Brazil, the perpetual football world favorite, will win, but my sympathies lie with Portugal, since football is about the only glory it has left.
Portuguese finally have something to cheer about. 

Even tho Colombia's team disappointed by losing in the quaterfinals, the Colombian nation has been this tournament's big winner, thanks to an almost-flawless tournament notable for good sportsmanship, some exciting matches, nice weather - and, thank God, no terrorism or other violence. Undoubtedly, this will help Colombia land future and more important sporting events, such as the Panamerican games and even the real World Cup.

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