Friday, April 19, 2013

Encapuchados in the National University

Demonstrators hold a modified version of the ANAPO political party's flag.

Hooded protesters lined up on La Plaza del Che.
My mind was on the lock-down in Boston, Massachusetts, where they were chasing down a suspected bomber, when we found this scene today on the campus of the Universidad Nacional.

Hooded youths, many in uniforms decorated with the name of the extinct M-19 guerrilla group, were parading about firing off smokebombs and firecrackers and haranging about socialism, Simon Bolivar and against the United States. The plaza was decorated with the symbols of the ELN and FARC guerrillas, both of whom are considered to be terrorists by the US, Colombia and the European Union.

If something like this took place in the U.S., I imagine the campus and probably the surrounding city blocks would be evacuated and the mayor would be on hand yelling thru a megaphone and pretending to take command.

Students watch the demonstration underneath the image of
Camilo Torres, a priest who joined the ELN guerrillas. 
But in La Nacho's Plaza del Che a few students observed the rally with mild interest, while others went on with their day, eating lunch, going to class or reading while the guerrilla supporters tried to pull apart society.

Today was the anniversary of the April, 19 1970 election in which a conservative candidate was narrowly elected president, defeating one-time dictator Gustavo Rojas Pinilla. Rojas Pinilla's side cried fraud, giving birth to the M-19 guerrilla movement.

How inspiring is the M-19 movement? Today, several of the group's ex-leaders are in government, the most prominent of them Bogotá Mayor Gustavo Petro, who is wrestling with less-than-inspiring issues such as garbage collection, traffic jams and tax collection.

For a violent riot at La Nacho the other day see this blogpost:

This Week's Riot at La Nacho

Rallying under Che Guevara, their inspiration.

Painting a mural about the M-19 guerrillas.

Students read literature handed out by the demonstrators.

Firing off firecrackers. 
Students, unfazed, walk thru the smoke from one of the protesters' smoke bombs.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


mauricio forero l said...

I'm a leftist myself, but I have to say that this looks so pathetic, lacks imagination and is really outdated. You are looking for solutions??? My first advise is STOP looking back at M19 and figures like Gaitan. Get something that reflects todays life and reality. The world is changing fast and, so Colombia. GET REAL.

Stuart Oswald said...

This are some horrendous individuals. Think they should pay a visit to Auschwitz and learn something about what they are preaching. The scum of the earth. Feel sorry for gullible minds reading their illiterate illogical nonsense. But then again that's how they were recruited in the first place.

Miguel said...

Auschwitz? Of course, these people consider themselves leftists, altho it is also true that the political extremes often coincide.


mauricio forero l said...

Again this very confuse guy, mixing historical facts. Like Auschwitz was the result of a communist act. Hello Oswald, they are calling for the M19 a VERY leftist movement from last century in Colombia. Not to long ago, you left a message in which you made very clear your affiliation with the Catholic church and evidently your " spirituality " but at the same time you have no problems calling them SCUM. You are the best example of religious hypocrisy. They are very confuse just like you are in so many ways, but you can't call them scum.

Stuart Oswald said...
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Stuart Oswald said...

There is more to view points and the political spectrum than left and right. The truth is, looking at it from a free mind point-of-view, there is really no difference from your view of the "right" to my view of the "left". That is the issue that is causing you so much offence, discomfort and hate when you read my free views.

I will tell you this only once. It really isn't any of your business but, I want you to understand and stop your hatred filled posts to me. I am a libertarian, conservative, catholic, free market capitalist. I believe we are all equal before God and yes, I believe some people will be going to hell (but makes no difference to me as an individual). I will have to answer to God not to your state. As a libertarian I want you to live your life freely. This means being able to express yourself and be who you want to be. You are free to do this, but not to interfere with my life. This includes endorsing people to control my life or property through state media, taxes, any type of state apparatus and/or crime, or otherwise infringe on my human rights. It's simple. I am on your side if you are a good person.

I'll ignore your insults towards my faith, as I am stronger than you know my faith will outlast you easily anyway.

As for both your issues with Auschwitz. I feel it is fitting to help in your understanding of what such groups as the M19 are really capable off. I chose to mention Auschwitz as I used to live very close to it and used to visit and pass it regularly. I could just as well change it and mention a soviet gulag (that was setup by socialist ideological followers, the political and economic implementers of Marx's socialism that are communists). But this would do your ideologies less of a favour as the gulags where many times worse than that committed but the German National Socialists (Nazis), they operated longer, in greater numbers, in worse conditions, over a longer period of time, killing more innocent human beings for the same reason (the people being and holding different views/beliefs).

Those students pictured in the posts and those sympathizing with them are SCUM.

mauricio forero l said...

This guy is just a very confused and lost hypocrite. I have never seen such stupidity in my entire life. Seriously, this man is perhaps the most hypocritical person I have ever encounter.