Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No Gay Marriage - For Now

A crowd of gay marriage opponents wave colorful banners. 
Hundreds of people demonstrated outside of Congress today, some for, and most against, a gay marriage bill which was coming up for a vote. Last year, the Supreme Court ordered Parliament to either legalize gay marriage or create something equivalent for same-sex couples. If the legislature did not act, then same-sex couples are to be allowed to register their relationships as marriages.

Gay marriage appeared headed for defeat, but the vote was postponed until next week for technical reasons. But whether it's next week, next year or five years from now, gay marriage will inevitably become legal in Colombia, as it has recently in Uruguay and Argentina.

These women's signs assert that the court did not order congress to legalize gay marriage. 

A small group of gay and lesbian activists.

Demonstrators carry a gay rights rainbow flag beside another group's sign saying that a family consists of a mother and a father. 

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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Stuart Oswald said...

Marriage is a intricate religious affair. The state has no right to redefine such institutions unless it desires to become a religion itself (fascism/communism). There are many examples where a state and it's driving ideology have become an ideological faith movement to horrific effect. The state is there to uphold the rights of the individual. Union in marriage is not a right under the jurisdiction of the state, it is under the jurisdiction of God rather.