Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gay Marriage Postponed - Again

A gay man holds aloft a sign saying that he supported religious freedom in Colombia.
 Legislators postponed a vote on legalizing gay marriage - once again. But not before a conservative congressman called gay sex "scatological and for purely recreative ends." I wonder whether he intends to prohibit all non-reproductive sex, and how he expects to do that.
Riot police line the Congress building. But these crowds were peaceful. 

Gay marriage opponents wave Colombian flags. 
Gay marriage supporters unfurl a diversity banner on Plaza Bolivar.
Authorities had set up a barrier in front of the Congress building to separate the anti- and pro-gay marriage demonstrators, on the left and right respectively.
A gay marriage opponent, left, and a proponent, right, debate across the barrier. 
A gay marriage supporter yells across the barrier.

City Hall, headed by leftist Mayor Gustavo Petro, didn't hide its preferences, with this banner saying 'Equality for Everybody.'

Gay rights activists display signs pointing out that Colombia has no state religion and that the Bible includes arcane rules that almost nobody obeys, such as a prohibition against eating shellfish. 
A gay marriage opponent holds up a sign saying that 'Bad has been called good and good called bad.'
A woman in the anti-gay marriage crowd holds a Bible in her uplifted hands.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Stuart Oswald said...

Homosexuality is not a faith.

Stuart Oswald said...

BTW Anyone believes the redefinition is correct, should watch this video and learn something from debate: http://youtu.be/vrk1R-3X9Hc. Leave your ideologies and brainwashing behind.