Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Peak at ARTBO

Taking a look at ARTBO, in the Estudio Las Nieves.
ARTBO, Bogotá's annual arts festival, is happening this weekend, and I took a look at two of the expositions. One was interesting to me.

Distorted animals and people, by Roger Ballen, in Estudios las Nieves.

'Naturally' by Bertil Nilsson, also  in Estudios las Nieves.

Another 'Naturally', Bertil Nilsson, also  in Estudios las Nieves. Did Mr. Nilsson put himself in the images?

Jua Kali, by Tahir Karmali, also  in Estudios las Nieves.

Imaginative Orthopedics, by Maria Camila Calle, also  in Estudios las Nieves.

Estudios las Nieves is in the nondescript and definitively un-artsy building on the right, in the Las Nieves neighborhood.
The photos below are from the Espacio Odeon, on Ave. Jimenez, near the Museo de Oro bus station. The Espacio Odeon is located in an unfinished, or perhaps crumbling, building.

ARTBO is lending bikes this year.

To see art, it's important to dress in black.

The Espacio Odeon's interior beams.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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