Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Mercado de la Concordia Gets its Day

The south side of the La Concordia market. The mural was painted years ago for a soap opera filming, and for a while gave the market the name of Mercado de los Milagros. 
The Mercado de la Concordia, in the La Candelaria neighborhood, is usually a sleepy place. But these days it's come alive with an art festival, complete with sculpture, music, murals and poetry. The event began Oct. 28 and lasts until Nov. 2.

The market on a Sunday, when campesinos bring in fruit to sell. 
The Concordia market is a venerable institution. About a century old, a long-time resident says it used to be as big and busy as Palo Quemao is today. But then supermarkets moved in and the city's distribution patterns shifted west. Today, in normal times, the market contains a few general goods shops, some handicrafts stores, a small eatery and a fruit stand. The building is also shared by the informal and innovative Teatro de Sueños (Theatre of Dreams) whose performances and drum circles often revertebrate thru the building and into the street.

What the market lacks in financial flow, it makes up in tradition and local flavor. Several of the vendors inherited their spots from their parents. And the market serves as a hang-out for locals, who pass the day downing beers and telling tales.

La Garantia, one of the market's shops. 

Decorated plates offered at the festival. 

A room dedicated to art. 

Doña Carmen, who sells fruits and vegetables in the market. 

Cristian, a leader in a youth group in the Egipto neighborhood, paints a mural. 

Decorating a table. 

The market has a great view of the city, whose buildings are visible on the left. 

The market's cengterpiece, the Niño Jesus, the Baby Jesus

A stiltwalker visits from the Teatro de los Sueños. 

Inside the Teatro de los Sueños. 
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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