Monday, November 12, 2012

Los Chincheros de la Humildad

During our bike tours we often meet these boys in the Santa Fe neighborhood, where they sing an anti-violence rap song. Kevin, on the left, usually does the singing, while others contribute percussion noises. Sometimes, one of them appears, sometimes two, sometimes four. Their rap group is named "Los Chincheros de la Humildad," and they're planning on making a CD.

"Queremos paz. Nada de violencia!"

"We want peace. Nothing of violence!"

The song, which they wrote themselves, goes on to talk about violence and murder, homeless women and Colombia's armed conflict. See them perform here.

But only recently have I discovered what tough lives these boys have, and how conditions are stacked against them.

Both of these boys, Kevin and Arly, have grown up without their fathers. In fact, both of their fathers are now in prison, one for not paying child support. Kevin doesn't have a mother, either, because she was murdered several years ago in this same neighborhood. Now, he lives with his grandmother, who works as a housecleaner. However, recently she injured her leg when a motorcycle almost hit her and sped off. Now, she can't work.

I hope that in a few years these boys are still doing something constructive and creative. But, knowing how adverse their lives are, it's easy to see how they could fall into crime.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Stuart Oswald said...

Hey, nice post Mike. Impressed with yourself and the people on your tour for visiting Santa Fe.

Miguel said...

Thanks Stuart. They're nice kids. And Santa Fe is part of Bogotá's reality.